Ten Orders For Good Living

If you achieve something in life brothers hey hey. 10 instructions you give my hand to you to apply them in your life that my tell three people to tell you the three.

1. Ever in life do not steal

2. In life never lie

3. In life, do not ever see any girl or woman from the evil eye. to think about them not you I do not say wrong.

4. Honor of parents and elders, love of neighbor, how to make love to her enemies might be.

5. Do not murder someone in life

6. Do not tempted to life. why am poor so that the rich lines. motor cycle near the car if I do Hey Hey.

7. Do not tell anyone the wrong way.

8. Do not ever drunk anything, be harmful to the body or family. demonstration

9. Do not let anyone in life. power demonstration that i can do anything.

10. Do not fight the feeling Do not turn to anyone.

The world in what ever country you're in, rape, sometimes stolen, sometimes murder, drunk at home because of the fighting, sometimes greed, arrogance sometimes, all it will not ever for you but it's all the little thing that. The world has been watching the blower.JESUS GOD who sees everything in his eyes all sin Hey hey.JESUS GOD surely these instructions to get it in your life who's a bad thing except Magogen. will find all the of your mind alter The watch. This is my complete faith and god Hey, just to try. further three people must tell me. JESUS GOD Glory